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Different model tips and electronics can not be mixed.A model D100 tip can only be used with a model D100 sensor package; a model RC100 tip can only be used with a model RC100 sensor package; etc.

Replaceable Sensor Tips

Sensors are available with in-line (Option B) or bulkhead mounted (Option B1) connectors. Options B and B1 offer several advantages such as:

  • Easy replacement of damaged tips
  • Substitution of alternate tips
  • Removal of electronics from machinery without removing sensor tips

Noise Increases. Custom tips can be provided using any combination of tip, sheathing and length options. However, there are tradeoffs to consider due to light losses at the connector interface. We do not recommend more than one connector interface per sensor. Connectorized sensors will have increased noise levels (2 - 3 times higher). Use of connectorized fiberoptics with very dark targets is not recommended.

Model B or B1
TD6 Not available
TD12 - TD47 B or B1
TD63 - TD100 B or B1
TD125 - TD170 B or B1
TD171 B or B1
Model B or B1
TRC12 Not available
TRC20, TRC60 B or B1
TRC25, TRC62, TRC63 B or B1
TRC100, TRC171 B or B1
TRC90, TRC140, TRC190 B or B1