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Illustration of MRI machine

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Gap Sensors for MRI Applications

The 11.7T Whole Body MRI - The Iseult project under development at CEA-Saclay, in collaboration with Siemens Healthcare and Alstom Magnets and Superconductors, is scheduled for commissioning in 2012. Philtec's fiber optic sensors are playing a vital role in a prototype which is very important for assessing the design. Displacements of many items inside the cryogenic system are being measured successfully to sub-micron level resolution.

CEA and Siemens are using Philtec sensor systems to measure ±2 mm range displacement of the superconductor and magnet structures in:

Liquid helium @ 1.8K

  • High Magnetic Field 11.7T
  • Pressure 15 mbar

Gaseous helium @ 6 K to 300 K

  • No Magnetic Field
  • Ambient Pressure