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Displacement Sensors for Extreme Environments

Our sensors are commonly used:

  • In cryogenic environments
  • Inside mechanisms
  • Submerged in fluids....Read More
  • In high electrical fields
  • In hazardous environments
  • In Magnetic Fields....Read More
  • At high pressures....Read More
  • At high temperatures
  • In vacuum....Read More
  • For Hot Targets >600°C....Read More


Custom Fiberoptic Sensors For Non-Contact Measurement of Linear Distance, Displacement and Vibration

Welcome to Philtec, Inc., a manufacturer of custom fiber optic displacement sensors. Based in Annapolis, Maryland, USA, Philtec has been providing innovative fiber optic displacement sensing solutions since 1988. Our engineers can help you design that special sensor uniquely meeting your application requirements.

About The Sensors....Read More
These are retro-reflective type optical devices. The sensors use bundled glass fibers to transmit light to and receive reflected light from target surfaces. The intensity of received light is processed and used to measure linear distances from 0 to 50mm away.

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